OASIS Easy - 10 Week OASIS-E Series



10 Week OASIS-E Micro-Learning Series | First Episode Launch Date: August 5th, 2022 - Available Now!

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The OASIS Easy Series will include 10 micro-learning episodes that one can easily fit into their day. These episodes will focus on new OASIS-E data elements and will provide a solid foundation for OASIS E application moving into 2023.

As a bonus, the presenter will outline which transitional items to review between weekly episodes. Review with your current materials or consider purchasing our (optional) 'OASIS Simplified Series' CLICK HERE to view (Already a Learning Center subscriber? Access the OASIS Simplified Series by CLICKING HERE).

New episode released every Friday and will conclude October 7th, 2022. 'OASIS Easy' Weekly Release Schedule:

NOTE: exact details are subject to change, prior to launch

Week 1 | 8.5.22  - Section A:

  • A1005- Ethnicity
  • A1010- Race
  • A1110- Language
  • A1250- Transportation

Week 2 | 8.12.22 - Section A (continued):

  • M2420- Review Discharge Disposition
  • A2120- Provision of Current Reconciled Medication List to Subsequent Provider at Transfer
  • A2121- Provision of Current Reconciled Medication List to Subsequent Provider at Discharge
  • A2122- Route of Current Reconciled Medication List Transmission to Subsequent Provider
  • A2123- Provision of Current Reconciled Medication List to Subsequent Patient at Discharge
  • A2124- Route of Current Reconciled Medication List Transmission to Subsequent Patient

Week 3 | 8.19.22 - Section B:

  • B0200 Hearing
  • B1000 Vision
  • B1300 Health Literacy 

Week 4 | 8.26.22 - Section C:

  • C0100- Should Brief Interview for Mental Status be Conducted
  • C0200- Repetition of Three Words
  • C0300- Temporal Orientation
  • C0400- Recall
  • C0500- BIMS Summary Score

Week 5 | 9.2.22 - Section C (continued):

  • C1310- Signs and Symptoms of Delirium (from CAM)

Week 6 | 9.9.22 - Section D:

  • D0150- Patient Mood Interview
  • D0700- Social Isolation

Week 7 | 9.16.22 - Section J:

  • J0510- Pain effect on sleep
  • J0520- Pain effect on Therapy Activities
  • J0530- Pain Interference with Day-to-Day Activities

Week 8 | 9.23.22 - Section K

  • K0520- Nutritional Approaches
  • N0415- High Risk Drug Classes: Use and Indication

Week 9 | 9.30.22 - Section N

  • N0415- High Risk Drug Classes: Use and Indication

Week 10 | 10.7.22 - Section O

  • O0110- Special Treatment, Procedures and Programs


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