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Value Based Purchasing Bundle


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The WellSky Learning Center presents our Home Health Value Based Purchasing Bundle. This is your one stop shop to prepare your agency staff for the national expansion of Home Health Value Based Purchasing! 

Course Description

Courses included in our Home Health Value Based Purchasing Bundle discuss an overview of the VBP model. More importantly, these modules give you access to education directed at making tangible improvements in the core competencies associated with success under the VBP model. Success in maximizing your payment is directly dependent on these core competencies. 

Courses within this bundle include education on the model itself, a comprehensive and a VBP targeted OASIS training, modules educating your staff on how to improve patient satisfaction captured in HHCAHPS and strategies to decrease acute care hospitalization and ER visits. 

Course Breakdown:

  • The CY2022 Final Rule Webinar (Free additional resource)
  • OASIS D1- Clinician Insights Webinar Recording
  • VBP- OASIS Impact
  • Service Excellence: Building Value Through Behavior
  • The Role of the Home Health Aide in Building Patient Satisfaction Part One
  • The Role of the Home Health Aide in Building Patient Satisfaction Part Two
  • VBP- HHCAHPS Impact
  • Acute Hospitalization and ER Risk


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All courses and tests are accessible for 1 year from the date of purchase.