OASIS-E Trainings - Available NOW!:    

OASIS-E is here! Now is the perfect time to begin introducing your agency stakeholders to these new data elements.

The WellSky Learning Center has developed the following, new OASIS E specific data element trainings & updates. 

This includes comprehensive OASIS-E trainings and additional micro trainings for appropriate OASIS-E specific items, and more! 

Bridge to OASIS-E

The Bridge to OASIS-E is a 2 part “crosswalk” training that was developed for professionals with a solid foundational understanding of the OASIS data set. The presenter walks through the CMS guidance on the new OASIS E specific data elements per the updated Section layout of the OASIS E data set.  
This webinar should be used by seasoned OASIS professionals/clinicians and OASIS certification holders to maintain expert level understanding of the current guidance and application of the OASIS data set to a patient assessment.  
The learner's foundational understanding of the OASIS and comprehensive assessment allows for the integration of this new guidance information into already solid patient assessment and/ or quality review abilities. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


WellSky’s OASIS A to Z is the gold standard in the industry for comprehensive OASIS training on demand! This newest release is completely updated for the implementation of OASIS E on Jan. 1, 2023. 
The modules are engaging and manageable to complete over time with your busy patient care schedules. It is perfect for orientation as well as to brush up or layer knowledge on hard to master data elements.  Also, new with this release, is a simplified clinician resource that can be printed and easily slipped into a home health bag for quick and efficient on the go guidance.  
Be sure your team is ready to go in 2023! CLICK HERE FOR MOREAlready have a Learning Center Subscription? View the new A to Z course page HERE.

COQS (Certified OASIS Quality Specialist) 2023 CERTIFICATION UPDATE:

With the majority of OASIS D-1 transferring to OASIS E, the Certified OASIS Quality Specialist (COQS) designation will continue to be recognized as active in 2023 for anyone who passes the exam prior to the official OASIS E data element exam release. 
Individuals who purchase and pass the exam either through use of the COQS bundle or the COQS exam only, will receive a complimentary recorded OASIS D-1 to OASIS E Crosswalk update prior to the implementation of OASIS E on January 1, 2023. 
The OASIS preparatory course update for E is still to be determined, and will no longer be available after Dec. 31,2022; however, the OASIS COQS exam form will be updated beginning in January 2023.

NEW! OASIS-E Field Guide (PRE-SALE only)

The WellSky Learning Center is currently developing the OASIS E Field Guide, which will be available to ship February 2023. 
Take advantage of this 20% off pre-sale discount while it lasts!
WellSky's Field Guide to OASIS-E Data Collection is perfect for assisting clinicians with OASIS-E guidance while completing the OASIS assessment in the field. Designed and compiled by WellSky OASIS subject matter experts.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

'OASIS-D1 to OASIS-E: A glimpse of the new data elements' [FAQ] - Tip Sheet Download:

Written by Valarie Johnson, PTMS, COQS, CHHCM, HCS-D, HCS-O, Senior Clinical Educator, WellSky
Now, in a new tip sheet, Valarie answers frequently asked questions about OASIS items. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOAD PAGE

You’ll get answers to these questions and more:
- Has the outcome measure for M1242 been removed or replaced with one of these new measures?
- How is the POC impacted if the clinical diagnosis is no longer in OASIS-E?
- Will the section GG items be used for a functional score like Skilled Nursing PDPM?
- Where do you look for medication indication?

Crosswalk Webinar - 'OASIS-D1 to OASIS-E: A glimpse of the new data elements' - CLICK HERE TO WATCH - FREE!

To successfully transition to OASIS-E, agencies should build a solid foundation of the new items, layering on top of existing OASIS-D1 knowledge. Join OASIS educator Valarie Johnson for a free webinar that will walk you through the changes that are coming with OASIS-E and a glimpse of the guidance surrounding new data elements.   
You'll learn more about: 
- OASIS changes and the rationale behind them
- The new OASIS-E format
- Guidance surrounding new OASIS-E data elements
- How WellSky solutions and services are supporting agencies in the transition to OASIS-E   

OASIS Easy: 10 Week OASIS-E Micro-Learning Series

The OASIS Easy Series includes 10 micro-learning episodes that one can easily fit into their day. These episodes focus on new OASIS-E data elements and provide a solid foundation for OASIS E application moving into 2023. As a bonus, the presenter outlines which transitional items to review between weekly episodes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

OASIS Excellence: Building competence now to achieve success under OASIS-E:

The countdown to OASIS-E and Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) is on. These high-impact changes become a reality on January 1, 2023, and now is the time to prepare. The transition from OASIS-D to OASIS-E is an opportunity for agencies to reframe training from reactive to proactive – to foster an environment of continuous learning and commitment to excellence in patient care.
View this on-demand 'OASIS Excellence' webinar to determine your agencies status and roadmap forward: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

OASIS High Impact Testing and Remediation Cycle:

Industry Experts created this efficient Test Remediate Re-Test cycle to simplify initial preparations for OASIS E and HHVBP while addressing ongoing competency with PDGM and Outcome Measures High Impact OASIS Items Competency Tests 1 and 2. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

CY 2022 Clinician Insights Webinar: 

A comprehensive D1 training that identifies transitional OASIS E data elements. We recommend this training to anyone needing comprehensive Oasis training, who will be working with D1 for the remainder of 2022. Presented in 4 casual webinar-style modules that enhance learning with the presenter intertwining CMS guidance on the OASIS data set with active learning strategies and application to the patient assessment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

The OASIS Simplified Series:

5-10 minute Micro-education modules (26) with focus on data elements transitioning to OASIS E (exception M1242). Access Now With a WellSky Learning Center LMS subscription HERE
Not an LMS subscriber? CLICK HERE FOR MORE about the Simplified Micro-training Series.